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AITT named accreditation partner for Toyota Material Handling UK

06 November 2018

Toyota training centres and Toyota instructors will be receiving AITT accreditation.

Marc Paxford, operator training manager at Toyota Material Handling said: “We aim to deliver the highest-quality training on every occasion.

AITT comes with an incredibly strong reputation that’s been built on many years of industry-specific expertise and we see working with its team as an accreditation partner as a tangible and highly beneficial way to enhance all our training.

“They have been exceptionally professional and supportive in understanding our needs and maintaining the very highest of standards to which we operate.”

AITT has always taken a leadership role through engagement with training providers both nationally and internationally to establish new and consistent standards.

It is this drive for excellence which has seen it establish partnerships with some of the biggest names in materials handling. 

General manager of AITT Adam Smith adds: “Toyota Material Handling is the world’s largest supplier of forklifts. For the UK arm of the company to be partnering with AITT goes to underline the trust that customers of all sizes are putting in our standards and expertise.

“When working with manufacturers in particular, it’s not just about accrediting the organisation’s own instructors and training centres, but also in working with them on their training manuals for new equipment to ensure that consistency is delivered through everything they do.

“No matter when or where training is delivered we want to be sure — and we want them to be sure — that everything is, uniform and absolutely fit for purpose.”