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Don’t ditch the plastic!


Jim Hardisty, managing director of Goplasticpallets.com speaks out about his concern over the media attacks on plastic and why he feels more needs to be done to regain public confidence in plastic.

Simon Duddy

House of Fraser impasse highlights limits of collaboration


These are uncertain times at House of Fraser for staff, customers, and suppliers. HSS editor Simon Duddy says it's a setback for collaboration.

HSS Guest Blog

The way of the SARI


Mike Vaughan is a fully qualified SEMA Approved Racking Inspector (SARI) and he says most businesses need educating on rack safety.

Simon Duddy

Tomorrow’s Warehouse - Survey Results Revealed


The world is changing and logistics and warehousing has to move with it.

Simon Duddy

Tomorrow’s Warehouse: have your say


We are asking YOU - dear readers - to tell us the key trends you observe in the warehouse and logistics sector and make predictions for the warehouse of tomorrow.

Simon Duddy

The Safer Logistics Zone


Recently, the team delivered our seminars at the Safer Logistics Zone, part of The Health & Safety Event at the NEC.

Simon Duddy

KFC not exactly a zinger for DHL


In October, DHL was awarded the contract to supply food to the UK’s KFC outlets, and the food company’s supply chain director Jens Hentschel said: “To date there has been little variation in foodservice logistics, but we have specifically chosen DHL and QSL for their reputation for innovation in logistics across other industries. It’s an ambitious plan, but by working closely with DHL and QSL we’re confident we’ll be able to deliver against our strategic ambitions.”

Simon Duddy

New tech to tackle downtime


There is always enthusiasm around new technology but for me, the more interesting time is when such technologies find a market rationale.

Simon Duddy

The elephant in the room


As with many things that are heavily hyped, there is a lot to unpack in Industry 4.0.

HSS Guest Blog

What is 2018 going to bring?


It’s the time of the year to make some predictions for 2018.

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