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Garment handling operation maxes cube with mezzanine

08 May 2018

SEC Storage helped to extend Banner’s existing multi-tier structure with the incorporation of an additional single-tiered mezzanine floor.

Banner is the UK’s leading supplier of school uniform and sportswear and ships over 6 million garments annually.

The solution makes full use of the warehouse cube, while allowing warehouse operatives to access and transport thousands of independently accessible SKUs via a multi-level, powered garment hanging system.

SEC Storage was invited – after completing the design and installation of a multi-tier racking and garment hanging system at the company’s facility in Trowbridge a number of years ago – to propose a solution to extend the multi-tier with the addition of an extra floor.

SEC's solution focused on the expansion of the structure into a two-tier system allowing for the continuation of the garment hanging conveyor.

In order to prepare the structure for the specified works, SEC looked to remove the existing hanging garment track and support structure on the 1st floor, providing access for the mezzanine and rack build. The new mezzanine floor extension was built to match the existing multi-tier structure.

Once the new tier was installed, SEC looked to extend the garment hanging track up to the top tier. A new inter floor lift was installed from Level 1 to Level 2, offering an 800mm clear entry walkway for pedestrian access and a 600mm width allowance for garments. Control panels were then installed to both the 1st and 2nd Levels for up and down garment travel.

SEC also made allowances for the installation of a garment hanging track loop on the new tier utilising recovered materials. The track loop includes a direct link to the new inter floor lift, enabling warehouse operatives to seamlessly transfer garment products across the various levels. 

The extension of the existing track now services the extended racking aisles for the put away of GOH (garment on hanger) storage using existing trolleys. The additional modifications to the track at the top of the lift from the ground floor to Level 1 has also enabled a route for trolleys to be routed to Level 2.

An enclosed staircase was also positioned at the front of the multi-tier, giving warehouse operatives access to all three floors of the structure, as well as safe means of escape to comply with Building Regulation requirements.

This newly expanded, multi-tier garment hanging system has provided Banner with over 33,000 sq ft of combined garment storage solutions, an increase of 17,000 sq ft. 

By fully utilising the cube of the warehouse, SEC Storage has provided Banner with an intelligent solution to service their existing storage requirements, while making allowances for further expansion in the near future.