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Kaup helps manufacturer handle varied loads

11 January 2019

The Universal Electric Corporation (UEC) facility in Reading manufactures 'bus bars', which are used to distribute power from the source to the load.

Bus bars can come in various shapes and sizes. To safely handle the varying sized bus bars, UEC contacted B&B Attachments to provide a solution to this material handling task. Following a site survey, B&B Attachments supplied the company with three Kaup fork positioners. 

The Kaup fork positioners allow the driver to move the forks to the left and right, and position the goods faster, and with greater accuracy. This attachment offers a clear view of the fork arm through the lift mast, fork carriage and fork positioner.

The fork positioners supplied by B&B Attachments are the Kaup 1.5T401ZH and 2.5T411Z versions. These attachments are built for heavy duty; providing a wider opening range than standard fork positioners, whilst also removing the need for the operator to manually adjust the forks.

Mark Williams, production and warehouse supervisor at Universal Electric Corporation says: “The Fork positioners  have increased flexibility and profitability, by adding to the handling capacity of our forklift trucks.  Our operators are able to move the forks quickly and accurately without leaving their seats.”