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Manage batteries to avoid downtime

09 January 2019

Maximising efficiency is essential for busy logistics operations and understanding how forklift batteries are performing is key to avoid potentially costly downtime says Hoppecke.

To give businesses greater control over this aspect of their operation, Hoppecke Industrial Batteries has come up with a solution that does away with the need to buy new batteries to keep a materials handling fleet on the move.  

With trak | ecomizer Hoppecke takes into consideration the organisation’s set up, including existing equipment and current commercial circumstances, to deliver a cost-effective solution tailored to meet individual business needs.

The first step is to analyse the quantity of batteries you use against actual energy requirements in order to calculate an offer that is in line with your monthly materials handling equipment (MHE) energy consumption. In this way, the monthly cost is directly linked to your MHE energy usage. We then exchange aged or exhausted batteries and optimise the remaining reserve. The final stage of the process is ongoing monitoring and reporting on the batteries, taking into consideration their workload, lifecycle and status.

Hoppecke takes responsibility for all replacement batteries and carries out regular inspections, all of which is included as part of an agreed service plan. Fleet managers no longer have to worry about their energy needs and since Hoppecke supplies regular information updates, from utilisation and the number of incorrect battery picks to the number of cycles and extracted ampere hours, fleet managers are empowered to optimise their processes.

The trak | ecomizer is one of a series of solutions available with Hoppecke’s 360o Lifecycle Services covers the lifecycle of the batteries. Our focus is on ensuring that our customers enjoy the highest level of service support from highly qualified engineers on call around the clock to ensure maximum flexibility and a rapid response in the event of a breakdown. Applying the latest diagnostics tools and efficient measuring and testing methods to analyse your energy system, whether it involves lead acid, FNC (Fibre Nickel Cadmium) or LiOn batteries or a combination.

Service contracts are cost-optimised. Typically, service contracts include battery watering and cleaning twice a year based on normal usage. As part of an inclusive annual inspection our engineers will check the state of each battery and charger thoroughly and give you an update. We will also carry out a safety check to see if batteries and chargers are safe and fit for purpose.

On-site training is also available so your team can learn how to handle batteries and chargers safely.