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PackSynergy aims to combat Brexit challenges

23 November 2018

Samuel Grant Packaging has become the UK arm of PackSynergy – a network of 17 European packaging materials distributors.

Joining the group will give Samuel Grant Packaging the opportunity to mitigate the risk of supplier challenges that could be caused by Brexit, expand its distribution network further into Europe, and swap best practice with European counterparts.

The group meet regularly to discuss trends and innovations in the world of industrial packaging, to share their knowledge and expertise in a collaborative way. They are also able to pool their experiences in warehouse and logistics management.

“At a time when the UK is reducing its integration with the EU, it is essential for our business to keep at the forefront of innovation,” says Andrew Grant, managing director. “This network allows us to manage the risk of supply problems from a poor Brexit deal, especially for our UK customers with European operations.”

Packaging trends
The key focus for current discussions is the pressure against the industry to reduce plastic use, and move towards biodegradable packaging, therefore helping customers to achieve their environmental goals, and in turn protect the marine environment, without compromising on quality or efficiency of service.

“This is an enormous move for Samuel Grant Packaging,” continues Andrew Grant. “As part of this network we are as strong on a European stage as any of our global competitors. It allows us to retain all of the agility and innovation of mid-sized companies whilst gaining the best of innovation and cooperation.”

“The UK is a very important market and the Samuel Grant Group is a heavyweight and a regional market leader within the UK,” states Thomas A. Baur, CEO of PackSynergy. “We are absolutely delighted to welcoming Samuel Grant as a member of the PackSynergy network and we are convinced that it is a win-win situation for both, network partners and customers.”

You can learn more from this video here.