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Barriers to protect against ground level forks

02 October 2017

The industrial workplace is ever-changing – and as it changes the health and safety demands of the workplace change with it.

Industrial safety expert McCue utilises its armoury of protection products in facilities across the globe – and has done so for decades. But when one high profile customer expressed a need to protect walkways from the potential danger of protruding ground level forklift truck forks, McCue’s R&D team were called into action.

Polyethylene pedestrian barriers are becoming an integral part of intelligent health and safety procedures in facilities. The products organise a facility and segregate pedestrians from moving vehicles – in turn this creates an optimised, more efficient facility with a long-lasting, low maintenance product.

But what about those forklift forks protruding under the barriers and on to walkways?

McCue’s R&D team solved the problem by delivering the FlexCore Guard Rail. The handrails still guide pedestrians and organise a facility, but a reinforced ground level rail with hidden hardware offers an extra strong layer of protection – and the ability to deflect intrusive forks and keep workers safe.

Director of McCue UK, Emma Panter says: “Listening to the needs of our customers and working closely with them to deliver the safety solutions they need is absolutely key to McCue. Our customers often give us our best ideas and the FlexCore Guard Rail will go on to be used across multiple facilities. It’s another practical, world class product – something that protects people, but also protects a company’s bottom line.”

The FlexCore Guard Rail can be used with a variety of McCue products to offer customers comprehensive protection across an entire facility.

McCue’s range of safety products will be on display at trade shows Health & Safety North (10-11 October) at Event City in Manchester.