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Hyster releases powerful compact electric forklift

19 August 2014

The E4-5.5XN electric forklift truck series is designed for intensive work and offers the same tough qualities as an IC forklift.

The compact E4.0-5.5XN trucks are said to enable a higher storage density than equivalent competitor trucks. They are said to be highly effective for indoor storage and warehousing operations where space may be limited.

Offering 4-5.5 tonne lift capacity and supporting a minimum 3993mm aisle width they are suitable for use in demanding applications such as automotive and appliance manufacturing and distribution as well as in the food and drink sector.

"The acceleration, speed control and load lift capability provided by the new Hyster E4.0-5.5XN series matches the renowned high performance standards offered by Hyster IC trucks,” explains Matthew Allen, engineering manager, counterbalance product - Europe, NMHG. "These electric trucks provide the same durability and brute strength as Hyster IC trucks.”

Providing a low total cost of ownership the Hyster E4.0-5.5XN series has reduced maintenance requirements, minimised operating costs, and class-leading low energy consumption. The eLo performance setting reduces energy consumption in long intensive shifts while maintaining good performance.

The HiP (high performance) setting offers higher productivity levels by increasing the top speed and acceleration compared to the prior model. With an increased top speed of 17kmh, this electric truck series can help to enhance productivity levels in demanding operations.

Hyster has more compact electric rider trucks of this capacity operating, than any other manufacturer. The new XN model marries unrivalled capability and durability of the prior model to the ergonomic and performance benefits of the highly successful XN electric truck range. Operations managers can select seat side hydraulic levers or TouchPoint mini-levers. On-demand hydrostatic steering provides low-effort steering and superior control with reduced noise.

Hyster has produced a lighter, yet tough and durable, electric truck that can be operated by anybody. "Previously, more effort may have been required from the driver to operate this type of truck, but precise fingertip control of all hydraulic functions makes the E4-5.5XN forklift truck light enough for men and women of any size or strength to operate,” adds Matthew Allen. "The machines provide the brute strength but it is not necessarily required from the operator.”

"These electric trucks provide the same durability and brute strength as Hyster IC trucks.”

Power-assisted braking reduces operator brake pedal efforts by 40%, extends brake life and provides increased stopping power. An automatic parking brake from Hyster, not currently offered by any other manufacturer, is automatically applied when the truck is stationary and released when the accelerator pedal is depressed.

The Vista mast with cast iron tilt cylinder rod ends and heavy-duty tilt anchors and heavier Class IV carriages on 4.5-5.5T models provide durability and impact resistance.

Maintenance downtime is reduced thanks to onboard diagnostics, helping to reduce repair time and easy service access, via a two-piece floor plate and easily removable side plates. The lift-out floor plates require no tools, which also assists operators in completing daily checks. Battery access is significantly improved by a spring-assisted hood and quick release handle.

"This,” says Matthew Allen, "is an unrivalled electric truck, designed for intensive work where space is at a premium.”