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Doosan launches electric 80-volt counterbalance series

26 April 2016

The latest additions to the 7-series range are electric 80-volt 2.2-ton to 3.5-ton capacity range of 4 wheel forklift truck models.

While maintaining reliability and durability, the new models significantly improve ergonomics for the operator’s comfort, all-round visibility and maneuverability. The expanded range, now including XL long wheelbase variants with increased battery capacity, means Doosan claims the most modern and widest ranges of electric counter-balance trucks to suit any electric truck application.

As always, safety was at the forefront of the design brief, and increased serviceability and modern styling with the latest electronic control system to further benefit our customers, were high priorities from our global dealers and customers.

The AC drive, steer and hydraulic motors deliver smooth and seamless power, while offering the lowest possible energy consumption. Other highlights include LED spotlights for improved illumination however using less power and vastly reducing bulb failures, upgraded protection packages on the motors and one of the most comfortable seats on the market.

The ergonomically designed operator compartment keeps the operator in complete control at all times; improving productivity, reducing stress and fatigue. The new cell offers improved visibility and the latest design in ergonomic hydraulic controls. Thanks to the improved durable chassis design, along with additional stability system, Doosan’s new 7-series electric trucks exceed the highest demands in safe operation. In addition, a redesign of the masts has provided greater visibility through the mast, with the rear grab handle accompanied by a horn and panoramic mirrors increasing safety and all-round visibility.

Key Points

• 80 volt counterbalance models.

• 2.2-3.5 ton capacity.

• Improved ergonomics and operator visibility.

• Features Guardian Stability System (GSS).

For most warehouses and production facilities, efficient storage is crucial, and these latest 7-series electric trucks have been specifically designed to meet this demand. The new 4 wheel models have a brand new steer axle which has been innovatively designed to minimise the turning radius and can now achieve a superb 93.2° steer angle. In addition to this, the newly designed round shape of the counter-weight enables the truck to move comfortably in and out of narrow spaces, reducing damage costs while maximising storage potential.

The 4 wheel models have a new steer axle which has been designed to minimise the turning radius and can now achieve a 93.2° steer angle.

In addition, the new range are also rated as safe for outdoor use. The new sealed controllers are rated to IP65 and the motors rated IP43, with an increased IP54 rating available soon.

The new trucks offer a wide variety of valuable safety features. Doosan’s ‘Guardian Stability System’ (GSS) meets all customer requirements and provides maximum stability during every operation.

There are also numerous other advantages and benefits, in terms of maintenance, cost savings, higher performance, reduced noise, energy saving, improved serviceability and added valuable options.