Competitive gain

29 July 2016

Technological innovation is paramount in helping industrial companies achieve competitive gain and accrue market share. These technologies must be robust, reliable and require little maintenance. Only this way can the industrial sector maximise its output. For example, take humble hoists and crane systems such as those manufactured by J D Neuhaus. 

These lifting mechanisms have become the mainstay of material handling operations the world over as so many industrial tasks require lifting and manoeuvring, which without mechanical assistance would prove unproductive. 

Even hoists and cranes, however, are constantly evolving. Today’s iterations place great emphasis on long service life, ecological compatibility and recyclability – all of which is achieved without any detriment to safety or performance. And perform they must. The wide ranging demands of industrial applications for these products mean that at crane and hoist manufacturers such as JDN, their products are all engineered for extremes.

A further benefit is the streamlined design of the latest cranes and hoists, which ensures that maintenance is non-invasive and both quick and simple to perform, thus minimising non-productive downtime. In practice, benefits such as these have had a resoundingly positive impact at countless industrial companies, where huge increases in productivity have been achieved.

To ensure this advantageous position continues moving forwards, the Global Service offered by J D Neuhaus helps industrial users guarantee the continuous operational availability of hoists and cranes, aiding the delivery of product longevity. With JDN Global Service it is possible to diagnose, find a solution and fix the problem, in any remote corner of the world.

The prosperity of the global economy relies on industry, and industry relies on technology. Only by selecting optimised, proven technologies engineered for extremes, can worldwide industries continue to grow.