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Traceability key as Pharma firm automates DC

08 January 2018

Specialist 3PL Postnord TPL AB and Apotek Hjärtat AB opted for SSI Schaefer to provide the intralogistics for its central pharmaceutical logistics centre in Norrköping, Sweden. 

The project includes material flow planning and a logistics concept, as well as equipping different warehouse areas with automated systems, corresponding picking strategies and comprehensive software support. The tailor-made solution has also been designed for picking eCommerce orders.

Delicate products, complete traceability and complex environments place high demands on the intralogistics in the field of Healthcare & Cosmetics. From Norrköping, the logistics provider handles the distribution of pharmaceutical products for Apotek Hjärtat AB and supplies to 390 pharmacies throughout Sweden. With a market share of 30%, Apotek Hjärtat AB is the second largest provider on the Swedish pharmacy market. The extensive process automation in the new pharmaceutical logistics centre will enable Postnord TPL AB to reduce the production costs per order line and increase the service level to strengthen the market position of Apotek Hjärtat AB.

To satisfy these requirements, SSI Schaefer implements a solution for a turnkey system with efficient automation systems and state-of-the-art technologies including the automatic picking system A-Frame, the one-level shuttle system Cuby and the SSI Schaefer Carousel System. Warehouse management and coordinated process control of order handling is realised by the proven, efficient logistics software WAMAS by SSI Schaefer, which will be implemented at Postnord TPL AB in the current release.

The flexible intralogistics solution by SSI Schaefer will make Postnord TPL AB fit for the future. The system concept also takes into consideration the expected future order growth and is especially designed to fulfill the increasing volume of picking eCommerce orders.

SSI Schaefer will exhibit at IntraLogisteX on February 27-28. Stand C1