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How well do you know your drivers?

09 April 2018

Andrew Drewary of the Transport Safety Forum of the Chartered Institute for Logistics & Transport urged managers to take responsibility for safety on the road.

Speaking at the Safer Logistics Zone, part of The Health & Safety Event, Andrew referenced recent high profile cases where heavy vehicles were responsible for loss of life.

These include a fatal accident involving the death of six people who died when a bin lorry mounted a pavement in Glasgow city centre and collided with a number of pedestrians after the driver fainted at the wheel.

An inquiry found the driver misled his employer over the nature of his condition.

Andrew’s presentation covered many of things employers should know about drivers, such as their driving habits, such as speeding and hazard perception, their use of alcohol and drugs, their use of mobile phones while driving, and the long list of medical conditions that could have an impact on their ability to drive safely.

“Do not assume your driver has told you everything,” concludes Andrew. “Drivers need to manage themselves – not just be managed, but employers need to be able to challenge risky behaviours.”