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Kite team uses pallet box

30 May 2018

A Kuwait-based crew has the Guinness World Record for the largest kite flown, the Kuwait flag, measuring 1000 sq m.

They have two more non-record holding kites measuring 1200 and 1250 sq m each.

Andrew Beattie, logistics manager for the Al-Farsi Kite team said: “We fly round the world, including Kuwait, France, Holland, England and New Zealand and we need packaging suitable for the job. We found our perfect pallet boxes at Goplasticpallets.com. They call it 1311S 3R. It is the biggest pallet box we have found anywhere.”

Size wasn’t the only demand for their plastic pallet box, with desert heat and a hands-on team to contend with. 

Andrew said: “We are particularly hard on our crates. We move them about off-road on the beach and on fields. Sometimes loaded crates get tipped on their sides. We climb on them and in them. We leave them out in the flying field in any weather. We store them outside in the heat of Kuwait. We push them around when no handling equipment is available.

“And while we are harsh in our treatment of the crates, we expect them to be kind to us. No sharp edges that might damage the lightweight fabric when we drag it in or out of the crate.”

Wood is not an option as the kite fabric is incredibly delicate and can get caught on splinters and nails.

Andrew said: “Wooden pallet boxes are useless. They fall apart under rough handling, you can’t tip them over repeatedly while loaded and expect them to survive. They are nailed shut, which creates splinters that can catch on delicate fabric. They work loose which creates gaps to snag things. And wooden packaging is most unwelcome in ports with tighter biosecurity rules.”

Their chosen pallet box has a 1400 litre capacity and is smooth inside, making it the gentle giant the record kite needs.

Andrew said: “They have smooth edges inside and out, so they never damage the kites. We can jump on them, push them over, squeeze them over-full and they just soldier on. The later models have great, tough, good-fitting lids that keep the weather (and curious fingers) out of the crates. As a bonus, when empty, they are light enough for one person to manhandle.”

Goplasticspallets.com has the expertise to advise on everything from the correct size, weight and handling of its empty or loaded boxes, crates and pallets.

Jim Hardisty, MD of Goplasticpallets.com said, “Our plastic pallet boxes are put through their paces in many different industries – from the transportation and storage of delicate pharmaceuticals to sturdy automotive parts – but this is something else. We have faith in our products and it is rewarding to see them being put to use in this record-breaking and enjoyable way.”

VIDEO of the boxes in use by the Al-Farsi Kite team here.