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THE FUTURE - Did you anticipate robots or drones?

03 July 2018

Does the ‘warehouse of the future’ imagined ten years ago look like the warehouse of today? Did you imagine goods-to-person being delivered by robots? Or hives with swarms, and drones? I’m guessing not…

"In talking about the future of warehousing we need to imagine what its end users will require, as well as what technology can facilitate. The Office for National Statistics only started publishing Internet Sales as part of its Retail Sales stats in 2006, so if you’d thought about warehouses just twelve years ago, you might not have imagined how eCommerce would transform the way we live today. And these changes are likely to accelerate. So, unless you’re confident your business is future-proofed, flexibility is key.

"As well as further megasheds, an important change will be an increase in urban warehousing, facilitating swift fulfilment as well as being environmentally attractive. It’s clear from internet searches that proximity is increasingly significant – witness a nine-fold increase over only two years in people googling for “XXXX near me”. Urban property prices will drive an even greater focus on ROI and cost per unit, but proximity, along with the tightly packed storage and speed of access that can be achieved via automation, will start to alter traditional equations, particularly when you throw in key extras like actually making that sale!"

Kirsten Tisdale, principal of Aricia. Her entire career has been in logistics - she is an active member and Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport.

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