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2025 circular supply chain aim

20 October 2020

Brambles, operating through the CHEP brand, is embarking on a new 5-year sustainability plan.

Leveraging its circular business model, Brambles aims to pioneer regenerative supply chains for its customers.

In practice Brambles has committed to:

  • A Forest Positive target, which means growing two trees for every one used in pallet manufacturing, with the aim to add millions of new trees by 2030,
  • All operations being carbon neutral, with 100% of electricity from renewable sources,
  • Turning single-use plastics into long-life closed loop products aiming to reach minimum of 30% recycled or upcycled material in every new plastic product by 2025, and 100% by 2030,
  • Achieve zero waste, including both product and non-product materials and optimise water use in all Brambles’ locations.

This builds on a earlier 5 year sustainability plan from Brambles. At the close of the 2020 financial period, the contribution of renewable electricity reached 70%, helping to exceed its 20% emissions reduction goal by realising a 33% reduction since 2015. Most importantly, 100% of all wood materials were sourced from sustainably certified forests helping to positively transform global forest markets.

Dr. JJ Freijo, Brambles’ global head of sustainability said: “For us ‘regenerative’ means restoring, replenishing and creating more value or capital for society and the environment than the business takes out. The business understands its responsibility around this ambitious vision which is why we are also seeking to account for both the Natural and Social capital of our 2025 programmes and validate our progress towards regenerative position.”

For more information, visit www.chep.com/uk

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