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3 ways to use Hyster UT pallet and stacker trucks in the warehouse

21 April 2021

The affordable Hyster UT series of warehouse equipment offers trucks that are easy to use, simple to maintain, and bring reliability.

Here are three ways that warehouse operations can use them.

1. Loading and unloading trailers

The Hyster S1.5 UT Pedestrian Stacker, with 1.5 tonne lift capacity, can be used to conveniently load trailers, with fast lifting and lowering speeds. Different mast options enable lifts up to 5.6m and the low centre of gravity enhances stability at full height.

Perfect for short runs transporting palletised loads to and from the warehouse, the Hyster P2.0UT Platform Pallet Truck enables operators to transport stock while riding comfortably on the cushioned ergonomic platform. Operators can fold the platform away to enable pedestrian operation where required.

2. Order picking

With a compact footprint and small turning radius, Hyster S1.5UT S Platform Stackers are ideal for order picking operations, easy to manoeuvre even where aisle space is tight. Full free lift mast options are available for warehouses with low overhead clearance. 

The Stacker lifts up to 1.5 tonnes and is easy to use, with electric steering and simple controls as standard.

3. Stockroom handling

In smaller ‘back of store’ warehouses, a Hyster UT Stacker or Platform Stacker is well suited to efficient and simple stock retrieval and built for a long working life. 

For moving loads across short runs between different storage units, the Hyster P2.0UT S, which carries up to two tonnes, is easy to manoeuvre, even in warehouse aisle widths of less than 2m, with a compact footprint and small turning radius.

For more information, visit www.hyster.com