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36 metre high clad rack for hardware firm

11 January 2022

EHLIS, a distributor of hardware products, has opened a clad-rack warehouse equipped by AR Racking. 

The new logistics warehouse is located in the Plataforma Central Iberum, in Illescas (Toledo) and is 36 metres high. 

The logistics centre is based on the design and installation of AR Racking’s galvanised clad-rack warehouse solutions, which apart from storing the load makes up the structure of the building. The clad-rack warehouse occupies 3,125 sq m, and can store around 30,000 pallets distributed on a combination of both single and double deep racking systems. Clad-rack warehouses provide great load density resulting in significant savings for lower investment. The installation was completed in 4 months. 

The load inside the racking will be handled by four stacker cranes.

EHLIS logistics director Armando Aldrey, says the firm’s current facility as “already overstretched” and “we needed to increase our logistics capacity”. 

“AR Racking’s experience and specialisation in these types of high bay and storage capacity warehouses was decisive when it came to making this warehouse a reality,” added Aldrey.

The structure features AR Racking’s galvanised racking that provides maximum resistance to corrosion and adverse environmental conditions. 

You can see a video of the installation here.