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AG Barr invests in all-electric fleet

11 March 2022

THE LEADING drinks manufacturer has struck a deal to introduce a 70 strong forklift all-electric fleet this year.

The move away from LPG powered trucks is part of a drive for sustainability and efficiency, says the firm. The fleet will use a combination of Lithium-ion technology and conventional battery powered vehicles. 

Jungheinrich will supply the trucks. Where opportunity charging is not possible, Jungheinrich will provide its 2 shift 1 charge battery system, minimising charging times. The combination of Lithium-ion technology and opportunity charging is designed to enable 24/7 operation. As Lithium-ion batteries do not emit any gasses during charging, the need for expensive exhaust systems at charging stations was removed.

Jungheinrich used its in-house Electrical Infrastructure team, engaging with AG Barr at every stage to ensure there was sufficient charging power available. In addition, Jungheinrich supplied both trial and demonstration vehicles and electrical charging infrastructure across multiple AG Barr sites to help AG Barr’s team become familiar with the electric fleet.

With safety a priority, Jungheinrich worked with the AG Barr team to create a bespoke fleet that included a Halo light safety system and a suite of camera systems which show Driver Cab View and front and rear views.  

The manufacturer also provided bespoke double pallet handler attachments to handle AG Barr’s diverse product range, and seven ECE Low Level Order Picker machines with the ‘Easy Pilot Follow’ feature were installed. The Easy Pilot Follow feature allows drivers to pick and put product on the pallets while the truck autonomously moves with the operator. This significantly decreases the pick time and reduces wasted time getting on and off the truck.

AG Barr supply chain director Karl Donnan, says: “Our partnership with Jungheinrich has enabled us to have a forklift fleet across all our warehouses which is safer, more efficient and contributes towards our environmental sustainability ambition to become a carbon net zero business.”

For more information, visit www.jungheinrich.com