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AR Racking equips ambitious 12000 m2 warehouse 

23 March 2020

AR Racking the go-to supplier for the huge warehouse consolidation project.

CBM, a world leader in spare parts for coaches, buses and trams based in Rouillon, (Le Mans, France), has unified its five warehouses into a global logistics centre with 1,500 m2 of offices and a 12,000 m2  warehouse. 

This new headquarters, adjacent to the existing facilities, provides more storage space for the 85,000 references of spare parts for the automotive sector. In this way, the company reaffirms its commitment to provide efficient responses to the needs of public and private transport operators. 

In the new CBM logistics centre, AR Racking has installed several combined storage systems. All the storage elements have been designed in red, the colour of the CBM company, thus respecting the company's identity charter. 

One of the storage systems installed is the Adjustable Pallet Racking  system, the conventional system for palletized loads, designed to store pallets in a mechanical and functional way using forklifts. This installation provided 11,823 new storage positions. 

Cantilever racking has been installed to store long spare parts. This system is ideal for storing long and heavy items in bulk. The solution is made up of a base, columns and cantilever arms, and its installation provided the capacity to store 1,344 large products in the CBM warehouse. 

In addition, 1,000 m2 of the new centre have been equipped with Mezzanine floors: independent structures, easy to assemble and adaptable to any type of space. This system makes it possible to double the storage area of a building, by gaining useful space in height. 

270 linear meters of dynamic Carton Live Storage and an additional 3900 linear meters of picking storage systems were installed in the new logistics centre. This solution was installed in interface with a motorized conveyor system supplied and assembled by GTSF. This system allows operators to move within the dynamic storage system and on the mezzanine floors for the supply and preparation of small parts to be sent to the dispatch area. Watch - Project video