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Aerospace manufacturer assisted with tricky manoeuvre

11 May 2020

A well-known aerospace manufacturer had invested in robotics to automate the assembly of aircraft nose cones and improve flexibility in its production facility. The robots are heavy and awkward to move and speed and time was of the essence.

The robots weigh up to 20,000 kg and are difficult to manoeuvre. Previously, this would have been done by hand and to achieve the precision movement to place the robots exactly where they need to be would not have been possible.

The manufacturer contracted MasterMover to develop a bespoke trolley to house the robot which is then carefully moved alongside the nose cones so that there is no disruption to the assembly line.

Two MT1200+ tugs have been brought in to attach to the trolley, meaning that the robots can now be transported swiftly and easily – and even turned 360° if needed.

The MT1200+ is designed to allow a single pedestrian operator to push, pull and steer loads weighing up to 12,000kg.