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Alternative to bubble wrap

15 July 2021

HIVEWRAP IS the environmental innovation providing an alternative to bubble wrap, supplying superior flexibility, space-saving expandability and 100% recyclability.

Comprised of honeycomb-inspired hexagonal cells, the clever construction requires neither glue nor tape to adhere, simply interlocking into itself for a secure fit. Available with a specially designed dispenser, hivewrap enhances the speed, effectivity and green credentials of an entire enterprise.

Plastic-free and fully biodegradable, this wrap has traditionally only been available in a natural kraft shade to reflect these values of sustainability.

Kite adds: “Thee brand-new crisp white radiates a sense of purity, cleanliness and is perfectly suited to packaging luxurious premium products such as cosmetics, homeware or glassware. The extremely flexible hive construction gives an intricate yet elegant appeal to the snow-white paper, cultivating a unique customer experience that goes above expectations. Users can match perfectly with Kite’s selection of pristine white postal boxes.”

Sustainable paper wrap is also an economic investment when compared to bubble wrap. Using the same amount of both products to wrap the same volume of items equates to a 35% cost saving and 20 times less space required in a warehouse. When considering storage and logistics, this degree of space conservation can directly translate to more potential for custom and growth for a business. You can choose between a natural brown look or a bright, modern white tone to complement company branding. 

For more information, visit www.kitepackaging.co.uk