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Amazon kits out Dubai fulfillment centre

04 March 2022

THE DXB3 fulfillment centre in Dubai Logistics City, UAE has been supplied with six Flexi articulated forklifts to help boost warehouse space optimisation.

The site launched in the UAE in May 2019 and, spread over 32,700 square metres and stocked with more than 4 million products, it is Amazon’s largest fulfillment centre facility in the country with in excess of 650 staff.

Narrow Aisle’s managing director, John Maguire, says: “The Flexi Truck’s iconic articulated design is ideally suited to the modern fulfillment centre operation. Flexi Trucks save space, increase productivity and allow safe access to any stacking aisle at all times.

“The Flexi’s ability to work in very narrow aisles means 30% more pallet and shelving locations can be designed into storage systems compared with traditional wide aisle operations while comparison tests have highlighted that Flexis are 25 per cent more productive during a typical shift.

“To achieve optimum online order fulfillment performance it is important to deploy the most suitable materials handling equipment and the Flexi Truck articulated forklift-based intralogistics solution delivers hugely improved productivity and increased safety for warehouse staff as they carry out a range of customer order picking duties at lower levels and at the same time Flexis can stack and replenish in complete safety at height within warehouse aisles.”

Flexi Trucks are built at hubs in the UK and Taiwan by Narrow Aisle. International sales account for some 40% of Narrow Aisle’s business and a global network of partners provides a full range of after sales support services to Flexi Truck users in some 63 countries worldwide.

Digital electric motors

Amazon’s new Flexi Trucks feature digital electric motor technology that allows independent twin front-wheel drive, hydraulic functions and the truck’s unique power-steering motor to be controlled digitally - ensuring the most productive, energy-efficient and safe driving performance throughout the working day. 

The control systems at the heart of the Flexis deliver higher productivity combined with significantly reduced operating and maintenance costs, while the trucks’ VNA functionality and ability to work both inside and outside the building, make it the ideal choice for Amazon’s UAE operation.


Operational efficiency at the Dubai facility is further enhanced thanks to an integrated lead-acid battery charging solution that dramatically reduces Amazon’s overall energy consumption.

Featuring ‘call-forward’ alert technology to identify the most appropriate fully charged battery when a change is due, the charge system allows Amazon to operate with only two batteries per truck on a three shift usage pattern to minimise materials handling fleet running costs.

For more information, visit www.flexi.co.uk