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Automated MFC with 24/7 click and collect

09 December 2021

E-COMMERCE ORDER fulfillment specialists, SKUtopia, are working with Swisslog to introduce an automated Micro-Fulfillment Centre (MFC) in Sydney, Australia.

SKUtopia will use its Coworking and eCommerce Hub company Workit Spaces to enable eCommerce businesses to scale their business from one order to 10,000 orders.

SKUtopia provides software including inventory management, order management, shipping management and warehouse management.

“Swisslog’s solution provides flexibility to grow as SKUtopia grows, and as our customers grow, which means all companies can stay agile and responsive to growth or changes in product or offering,” said Mr Talea Bader, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Workit Spaces.

“The automated solution has also increased efficiency, accuracy and throughput, allowing us to deliver products to customers faster. The system provides an average increase of 1200% (12 times) compared with a manual warehouse.”

Fourth-Party Logistics (4PL) operations take 3PL to the next level by also managing technology, infrastructure, and resources, and in some cases building whole supply chains for businesses.

SKUtopia’s new configuration will be a 4PL operation serving up to 300 entrepreneurial businesses focusing on eCommerce, including managing inventory, orders, shipping and warehousing.

Swisslog Australia Managing Director, Mr Francis Meier, says Swisslog’s global experience with 4PLs was a major asset in developing an optimal solution for SKUtopia.

“The click and collect functionality really appealed to SKUtopia, because it allowed them to offer a service-focused advantage to all their customers. Their customers can then provide this efficient service to the end consumer, creating a positive delivery experience,” he said.

The solution will utilise SKUtopia’s in-house developed WMS, to deliver home delivery and automated click and collect functionality with 24/7 availability. 

For more information, visit www.swisslog.com