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Automated guided vehicles for heavy loads

18 June 2020

Engineered products in the manufacturing sector are getting larger and heavier.

To satisfy this growing market Solving provides customised heavy load battery-powered AGVs (automated guided vehicles).

The latest AGV navigation system uses factory contours, such as walls and other fixed objects, to map the facility during commissioning.

Pick-up and drop-off points are then programmed in to provide a complete picture of the route, and floor-fitted reference discs can be used to provide pinpoint accuracy with positional information.  

Using a combination of modern battery technology, low-profile high-capacity wheels and motors, loads of up to 100t can be programmed and guided safely and automatically through a complex series of movements to suit a variety of assembly processes.

Solving AGVs are unhindered by trailing hoses, wires or cables, and the integral battery system can be charged automatically while the units are stationary, giving them a theoretically unlimited range. Safety scanners are mounted on all corners of the AGV with the capability to slow down or stop, depending on the obstruction detected.

Solving specialises in unusual, non-standard AGV applications, where off-the-shelf alternatives would be inappropriate. A conceptual design team has therefore been established to advise on suitable solutions.