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Automated parcel machines investment

05 November 2021

INTERNATIONAL PARCEL service Venipak is investing Eur 4M in the expansion of its parcel delivery network. Under this investment plan, 600 new parcel machines will be installed in Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia.

Currently, 250 APMs are being launched in Lithuania, and 200 in Latvia. The rollout of 150 APM units in Estonia is expected to start after the current wave of expansion of Lithuanian and Latvian networks is finished at the end of 2021.

Total investment into new Venipak APMs under this plan of infrastructure expansion is Eur 4M.

“Shift in consumer behaviour, favouring the purchase of goods online and receiving their orders as close to home as possible was the main factor behind our decision to expand a network of parcel delivery points. Another important factor was the highly positive effect of APMs on the sustainability of last-mile logistics,” says Venipak CEO Justas Šablinskas.

“We are sure that the return of this investment will be measured not only as numbers in the bottom line but also in better user experience and reduced environmental impact.”

The current wave of Venipak APMs is contactless: the lockers are opened with a QR code that is sent to the client’s smartphone. Such unlocking method not reduces the time needed to pick the parcel up and reduces physical contact and the chance of spreading infections.

Experts argue that parcel delivery to APMs increases the efficiency of parcel delivery service 3-4 times compared to delivery of individual parcels to consumers’ doors. This delivery method also reduces traffic jams.

For more information, visit www.venipak.com