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Automated truck loading

07 June 2021

CEMENT MANUFACTURER INSEE Vietnam has commissioned the Beumer Group to supply an automatic truck loading system of the Beumer autopac 3000 series. 

This enables the operator to work more ergonomically and at the same time increases the safety of its personnel.

Driven by the change in market requirements and the over-all business climate, cement plants are targeting higher levels of automised plant operations in order to ensure the health and safety of their employees while optimising costs. The advancements in automation and technology are supporting these initiatives.

The Beumer Group and INSEE Vietnam has been in close discussions on how to optimise the loading of cement bags into various trucks. After a thorough evaluation of the site conditions and as well as  the following the strict requirements of INSEE Vietnam, the Beumer Group was able to address the needs of the client and has received the order to supply of one an Beumer autopac 3000 automatic truck loading machine to INSEE Thi Vai plant.

“As we are continually implementing a fully automated dispatch process in Insee Vietnam we will continue to look to  invest in new technologies that Beumer are providing in this area,” said Mr. Philippe Richart , CEO of INSEE Vietnam.

This fully automated machine is able to palletise and load cement bags at the same time with a maximum loading capacity of 3000 bags/hour with minimal human interference.

For further information, visit www.beumer.com