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Avoid loss of revenue due to lack of space

05 October 2018

Nobody wants to turn away business, but if your company is faced with the problem of keeping up with demand because of lack of space, losing out on revenue is a real possibility. Herchenbach says this can be solved by installing and renting a temporary warehouse on your site.

When your business grows, so too will the need for bigger production, packaging, storage and distribution facilities. There are numerous reasons why a business might find itself confronted with having to find more space quickly, including to:

  • protect stocks of materials, foodstuffs and finished products
  • cover machinery, maintenance or assembly area
  • maximise productivity of unused land
  • continue operations in the event existing premises are disrupted by loss of access, fire/flood etc
  • add or extend existing facilities
  • create additional warehouse or storage capacity
  • re-locate operations during periods of refit or refurbishment
  • expand in response to supply chain demand or seasonal fluctuations

Finding and re-locating to new premises though is a lengthy, costly and complicated process, and that is where Herchenbach are able to supply a cost effective, fast and flexible space solution.

Herchenbach design and manufacture semi-permanent structures which can be installed at your existing site. Herchenbach warehouses are built to the specifications and size you need, and can be made bigger/smaller or even re-located at a later date. Supply and installation of only a few weeks means that businesses are able to react quickly to circumstances.

However, do consider these 6 points:

  • How should the structure fit into the organisation of my site?
  • Where can I install the structure on my site?
  • Do the products in the structure need to be protected against climatic hazards such as frost/heat/condensation?
  • What will be the layout/flow inside the structure (entry/exit)?
  • What are my needs in terms of pedestrian access, trolleys/trucks/racking?
  • How often do I need to access the access the building?

Herchenbach buildings can be installed on most surfaces, so concrete foundations are not necessary. A range of flexible commercial options also means you can either purchase a building outright or choose to rent over the lifetime of a project; with the advantage of being able to allocate to Capex or Opex costs.

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