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Bag it and tape it

09 December 2020

TAMPER EVIDENT labels, tapes or bags can enhance the multi-layered, integrated security approach demanded by today’s logistics.

They can fit in with existing integrated information technologies and comply with stringent cargo security programs, increasing global competitiveness. They are being used worldwide sealing boxes, pallets and even on containers.

The distinctive feature of a tamper evident tape or label is that they offer an instantly, obvious visual indication, if the goods and products have been interfered with. Either by leaving a dry peel message permanently on the surface applied too, or the non-residue option, where the label or tape cannot be reapplied as once it has removed it reveals a message within the label or tape.

As the manufacturer of the labels and tapes Tamper Technologies is able to offer a wide range of options including size, shape and colours, security cuts, UV inks, sequential numbers, barcodes and even QR codes. 

The company says: “These options add to the security of the goods in transit with you and provide a powerful branding opportunity for cargo, shipping and logistics companies. The print on the surface and sub surface can be made specifically for you, giving you an opportunity to communicate specific marketing messages within the tape and QR codes to encourage customer engagement or solely add to the security of the goods in transit with further track and trace features and tamper evidence. Tamper Technologies labels and tapes are TSA and CCSP-CCSF compliant.”

For more information, visit www.tampertech.com