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Baler with automatic opening doors

08 November 2019

Compact & Bale recently installed two new Strautmann Balepress 53 (BP53) mill size balers to a long-time customer in Chessington.

The company says: "After 12 years maintaining models that we previously supplied as refurbished from our workshop, the customer opted for great Strautmann quality and innovation to bring local improvements to the operation."

The BP53 models come with automatic opening doors to the feed chamber (where operatives dispose of the cardboard) which significantly reduces the manual handling requirement and makes the machine a more pleasant model to operate when needing to quickly dispose of quantities of recyclables. The machine is also wire tied from the front when ejecting a bale and combined with quick link wire no time-consuming rear feeding of baling wire is required, as well as not needing to cut & loop wire tie, again reducing labour time and simplifying the process for the user.

This model produces very square and solid bale weights of up to 450kg with its 53-tonne press force, providing around 900kg of material for every pallet space (when double stacked), optimising space on site. The bales are stored externally on pallets and are collected every couple of months. The BP53 also uses a 4kW motor, meaning it uses significantly less power for high volume producers. Producers of recyclables can see ROI from producing 150 bales of cardboard or 66 tonnes of LDPE plastic films.