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Increasing efficiencies

26 February 2020

New Bar Code Data MD Mike Jackson talks barcode trends.

What are the key trends in barcoding and how are you adapting to them?

Image-Based Barcode Scanners are more flexible and this type of scanner is rapidly replacing the traditional laser barcode scanners, enabling longer range scanning across multiple types of barcodes. Wireless & Battery-Free barcode scanning technology also aids sustainability goals increasing efficiencies in the workspace.

Technology is moving on very quickly which means having a medium term strategy can present its own challenges. I’m confident RFID will also start gaining more traction and added appeal as the costs for deployment are less prohibitive. Historically the cost of tags has been prohibitive and the costs for infrastructure difficult to justify but we’re beginning to see benefits being realised with tangible Return On Investment (ROI).  Recent label manufacturing developments means this technology is becoming more cost effective to deploy.

Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) is also an emerging technology which I see gaining popularity as enterprises use beacons and sensors to track products and people in the quest to gather more intelligent data.

Tell us about the solutions you provide to help warehouse operations cope with the e-Comm boom.

We need to react to the eCommerce boom and adapt to the requirements. These are young, dynamic, fast moving businesses with high growth expectations, our solutions and service needs to match and exceed their expectations.

We’re looking about leasing options for hardware during peak periods, that way customers don’t have to find CapEx for relatively short term requirements. I’m also looking at a Managed Print service along with a “Pay-per-print” option for future offerings that way clients can budget more easily and with certainty, this also provides added “stickiness” for us with our customers and differentiates what we do and how we do it.

How well has the industry coped with the shift away from BPA-free thermal labels?

Bar Code Data anticipated this change with a full range of uncoated and top-coated BPA-free thermal label materials for most typical end-use requirements.  We were working hard throughout 2019 to remove non BPA free stock from our warehouse and production facility, this was achieved successfully in November 2019.

Tell us about the Bar Code Data offering.

Bar Code Data Ltd is a leading provider of barcode solutions, renowned in the UK marketplace as one of the very best. Our expertise includes barcode scanners, mobile terminals/PDA’s, RFID, label printers and associated consumables such as thermal labels and ribbons together with label design or bespoke software to offer a fully integrated solution to our customers. Bar Code Data also enjoys thermal label production facilities at our Head Office, successfully servicing customers from retail, manufacturing, T&L and healthcare markets.

We shall introduce innovative solutions & technologies that are complementary to the business of our clients over the coming months and years, especially important given the pace of change we are all experiencing on a daily basis as technology moves on unabated.

Where do you most add value for customers?

In our service, this is an inherent passion of the business. I have a team that is young and passionate about meeting customer deadlines, reacting positively when needed but also being pro-active in our advice to clients in how we can help them do things better.

I would also like to think we are “trusted advisers” to our clients given the heritage of the business gained over 30 years and our pedigree in delivering what we say we will, offering impartial advice in our sphere of expertise.

What is the key to working well with manufacturing partners?

We are key strategic partners with Zebra, Datalogic, Honeywell & market leaders in the manufacturing space, our new partnership with eCom also means we can easily serve our customers in the ATEX space helping them deal with oil, gas and petrochemical products safely. I truly believe in transparency and collaboration with all our key partners, honesty in the relationship is a basic principle if we are to engender trust. Partnerships with software providers also means we can offer a broader solution to customers.

What are your plans for Bar Code Data?

Sustainable growth & an environment where our team can directly benefit in the company’s success. We have a really solid client base and some of the best customer names in the industry, what we need to focus on is how we can broaden our appeal with these clients for mutual benefit, especially in the area of mobile working. This shall help them drive greater efficiencies in their business, more automation and less reliance on paper based systems through the solutions Bar Code Data provides will also help streamline their processes.

We have strong foundations on which to build, I’m looking at introducing software and apps to complement what we do well already.

Above all we must be “open for business” at all times and eager to work well with our customers. We would be delighted to hear from our clients regarding new innovations, solutions and technologies we could deploy that should be of mutual benefit and make doing business easy, and clearly any suggestions to improve our provision would equally be well received.

I am free to be contacted at any time to hear from existing and prospective clients the with any questions or suggestions as to how we can help.