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Baumann electric sideloader sales on the rise

04 March 2021

THERE'S NO reason for long load users not to consider electric, says leading sideloader manufacturer, Baumann. It has seen big developments in electric machines over the last 25 years, with the award-winning development of 120v machines at Baumann leading the way.

“Today’s performance is even better than the equivalent diesel truck,” says MD, Klaus Pirpamer, “especially in terms of lifting and driving speeds. The lifetime of the battery is nowadays easily good enough to cover a full shift with normal charging patterns. We still hear are the drivers saying that they aren’t as fast enough and don’t perform as well as a diesel truck, but every time we perform a race the electric truck wins, much to the driver’s surprise!”

Last year’s sales were a new record for the 52 year old company, with electric models now accounting for around 75% for the European market. 

Adds Klaus: “The feeling for operators is ‘I don’t hear anything,’ they don’t have the vibrations or feel the noise of the engine so think something must be missing, but quickly they realise it’s a far superior machine. After two weeks of going home without engine noises in their head, they’re even more convinced!”

Further development in battery technology continues to increase the potential for electric machines. The ELX’s bespoke 120v battery is designed to suit the sideloader shape and act as a counterweight. Higher voltages also help to improve energy efficiency. Together, these factors make the ELX capable of performing well beyond 8 working hours, and a full multi-shift option.

The EU’s Low Voltage Directive imposes detailed and explicit obligations on all manufacturers to keep electrical equipment safe, and the emphasis is on keeping voltage low, but as technology improves the limits are being re-assessed. We are becoming more comfortable with higher machine voltage, and this too may yet bring further benefits down the line.

The 2021 ELX also features 150mm of outreach beyond the truck chassis, meaning operators have more visibility and space to reach out to loads and customers can potentially choose a narrower bed machine for additional storage, without sacrificing lifting capacity. 

The improvement comes without the need for changes to the truck dimensions, together with other new features including refined cabin controls and road-legal LED lights as standard.

“From 3 to 8 tonnes, if you compare the cost, performance and aftersales side, there’s no reason not to choose electric,” concludes Klaus. “You have the emission issue, the driver has a better environment and the cost is even better than the diesel. There are not many reasons why operators would need to buy a diesel truck anymore.”

For more information, visit www.baumann-sideloaders.com