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Will the Beast from the East return?

24 January 2019

With the Beast from the East and Storm Emma seeing parts of the UK covered in snow until as late as April last year, Contact Attachments is urging businesses to be prepared for the forthcoming winter weather.

Contact has been providing winter products for over 40 years, is advising companies to avoid the costly repercussions of closing the doors due to unworkable conditions.

Dave Manuel, technical sales director at Contact Attachments, said: “Winter is already in full swing and we’re still seeing the temperatures continue to drop with the high potential for ice and snow over the coming weeks.

“Snow management plans aren’t usually something businesses consider until their workplaces are covered in snow and it becomes unsafe for people to work. But, heavy snow fall is becoming more of a threat each year, and with many people ill-prepared, it’s sadly all too common for businesses to come to a complete halt.”

The company provides a variety of snow plough attachments to suit a wide range of applications, with the Fixed Blade permanently angled to move snow to one side, and the Adjustable Blade allowing users to adapt their direction of sweeping.

In addition, it offers a Sprung Loaded Blade which absorbs shock and minimises the risk of damage to the plough by considering hidden objects such as raised manhole covers.

Contact Attachments also provides a ‘V’ shaped pedestrian plough for smaller-scale applications, as well as Telehandler snow ploughs, ideal for large and heavy-duty environments such as warehouse yards, car parks, pathways and roads.  

All of Contact’s snow ploughs are quick and easy to fit both on and off forklifts via zinc-plated safety screw clamps, and as they have no moving parts, benefit from low maintenance and servicing costs.