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Bespoke loading bay solutions

23 June 2020

Loading bay lifts allow you to maximise payload and efficiency gains.

Edmolift offers free site surveys at all delivery points, customised lorry loaders and dock lifts, design & installation, as well as bespoke loading bay technologies.

The company explains: “We believe our clients deserve loading bay lift and dock solutions that work on every level with rapid returns; giving transport and distribution managers reliable, low maintenance performance; and making it safer, faster and easier for loaders and drivers to work.

“No matter what your location or environment we will design, supply and install exactly the right loading bay lifts and scissor lift table for you and your workplace.”

Various configurations are available with options such as manual, powered and assisted bridge plates, automatic wheel stops, handrails, guards, barriers and gates, enclosures, buffers, controls and guides. Edmolift provides project management and installation.

Its loading bay scissor lift tables are available with capacities from 1,000-20,000kg suitable for single and double deck trailers and platform sizes that can handle 1 to 30 pallets and roll cages in a single movement. Edmolift offers hundreds of scissor lift table configurations for internal, external and in-dock applications.