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Simon Duddy

Weird scenes inside the goldmine


THIS ISSUE we take look at warehouse property, an investor’s goldmine driven equally by the insatiable demand for space caused by eCommerce and scarcity caused by lack of space and tight planning laws.

Simon Duddy

Using existing assets


It is very interesting to see Asda adapt its stance to last mile in its latest consultation. The review comes less than a month after venture capitalists bought a controlling stake in the firm.

HSS Guest Blog

The warehouse manager’s role has gone up a level


A fulfilment technology specialist is advocating warehouse management as an increasingly pivotal role in any company hierarchy and supply chain - as well as a higher level career path - because of the extraordinary logistical challenges we all now work in, says SnapFulfil CEO Tony Dobson.

Simon Duddy

Are old car parks the cavalry we’ve been waiting for?


There has long been a crisis in UK warehousing. The sustained growth of eCommerce throughout the last ten years has changed the dynamics of logistics in the UK profoundly, creating a demand for warehousing and delivery space close to centres of population that has not been easily met.

Simon Duddy

Tackling key topics at HSS Live!


HSS Live! is coming up on December 1. I’m really looking forward to hosting this webinar series. It has a great roster of speakers, it’s free to attend, you can dip in and out as you like, and you gain CPD as well. Furthermore, the content will be available on our website to view going forward.

Simon Duddy

Could the non-food foothold be key?


The new market angle could be most important as Ocado makes two ambitious robotic tech acquisitions.

HSS Guest Blog

Effective inventory management and the impact of design


When Covid struck, this presented a multitude of issues, namely managing the expedited shift to online consumer purchasing and changing demand for products, as well as consideration of the resilience of our distribution networks.

Simon Duddy

Logistics industry: We don’t lock down, we knuckle down


I recently heard a great quote from Skechers logistics VP Sophie Houtmeyers, saying even when the world stops turning, logistics doesn’t stop.

Simon Duddy

Vaccine supply chain challenge


DHL and McKinsey’s recent Delivering Pandemic Resilience white paper on the challenges of supplying a Covid-19 vaccine worldwide, brought home a shocking, if not surprising, point.

Simon Duddy

Pandemic and uncertainty but no time to panic


The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics showed the damage to the economy wrought by the pandemic. GDP fell by 20.4% in April, following a fall of 5.8% in March.

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