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Simon Duddy

Pandemic and uncertainty but no time to panic


The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics showed the damage to the economy wrought by the pandemic. GDP fell by 20.4% in April, following a fall of 5.8% in March.

Simon Duddy

No shortage of ingenuity


At the time of writing we are entering a new phase of the pandemic. The Government is not exactly rushing people back to work but is certainly trying to get some sectors such as manufacturing and construction moving again in a meaningful way.

Simon Duddy

What counts in a crisis? Cash or capability?


I recently listened in on an interesting webinar from Paul Cuatracasas, founder and CEO of Aquaa Partners, who spoke on tech, aviation and the broader supply chain in the wake of the coronavirus crisis.

HSS Guest Blog

D4 Medical: Does it actually prove fitness to drive? 


We all know employers have a duty of care under health and safety legislation to ensure their employees are fit to carry out the duties expected of them on a daily basis. For most employers, this is not an issue that causes them too much concern for employees who are depot or office based.

Simon Duddy

What’s all the fuss about…


Automation, robotics and solving the picking conundrum in Omni-channel retail?

HSS Guest Blog

How to create an Omnichannel-ready warehouse


To a modern consumer, the experience of purchasing an item is frequently more important than the product itself. Therefore, consumers are increasingly demanding the convenience, flexibility and speed that omni-channel retailing offers them, in-turn, forcing retailers to respond. Harry Watts, commercial director, SEC Storage offers his analysis.

Simon Duddy

Impressive innovation on view


AI and big data are not yet able to cut through the chaos and unpredictability of online retail.

HSS Guest Blog

Make sure you win the space race


Is your warehouse really full? Harry Watts, commercial director at SEC Storage, offers five top tips to increasing capacity in your facility.

Simon Duddy

Be ready for on the spot inspections


As Halloween approaches, be aware that scares can come in many guises.

Simon Duddy

Smart warehouses


Writing about warehouse robots this morning has got me thinking about software and AI.

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