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Simon Duddy

A whole lot of metal…


If you grew up in the 1980s like I did, you no doubt well remember how prevalent metal-heads were. There they were, big, greasy hairballs, on every street corner, with ghetto-blasters and denim jackets with band patches. All spandex, pimples and loud, rock anthems from the likes of AC/DC, Iron Maiden and maybe even Black Sabbath.

HSS Guest Blog

Annual service key to drum handling attachment safety


It is important that lifting equipment is kept in good working order, and that includes drum handling attachments.

HSS Guest Blog

Fatigue: Talk listen and act


Talking about driver fatigue is still very much a taboo subject but it starting to be taken more seriously by an increasing number of fleet operators. Unfortunately, this is a subject that sits on the periphery of managing road risk for a lot of fleet operators.

Simon Duddy

Energy flashpoint looms in warehouse


Energy has rarely been a major concern in the warehouse. That might’ve been different, for a number of reasons. First, it could have been an environmental priority. In 2006, The Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change suggested the corporate world was finally getting behind the drive towards a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way of doing business. But a few years later the recession hit and the momentum faltered.

Simon Duddy

Kicking the can down the road


Neither the UK nor the EU are particularly known for decisiveness. Perhaps the only thing they really share over Brexit is a deep-seated fear of being blamed if they do make a decision… and it all goes wrong. 

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£2.3m fine but will it really make any difference?


Will Tuesday 27th November 2018 be the day that makes the commercial vehicle industry sit up, take stock of itself and admit, that it finally needs to learn from the very important lessons it has been ignoring for far too long.

Simon Duddy

How to fit a quart into a pint pot


Brexit has only exacerbated spiralling demand for warehouse space. The eComm boom had already greatly increased the need for warehousing, and we are still stewing in the hangover of the recession where years passed without new spec build warehouses coming online. But there is no doubt Brexit has brought this into sharper relief.

Simon Duddy

Last chance to prepare for Peak


Even if you are well prepared for Black Friday mayhem, often a little tweak is required to make this critical period go smoothly. Whether it is extra manpower, some equipment to help load more efficiently, or to add some flexibility to operations, or indeed extra MHE, or handhelds to ensure the staff you’ve hired are fully productive, you can’t afford to mess around and miss targets at this time of year.

HSS Guest Blog

'Mission Possible' on safe storage


Speakers at The Storage Equipment Manufacturers’ Association Annual Conference and Exhibition Storage Safety Conference on 1st November at the National Motorcycle Museum Solihull explain why attendance is a must.

HSS Guest Blog

Don’t ditch the plastic!


Jim Hardisty, managing director of Goplasticpallets.com speaks out about his concern over the media attacks on plastic and why he feels more needs to be done to regain public confidence in plastic.

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