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Boplan launches catalogue

15 July 2019

The documentation on Boplan’s range was limited to individual brochures per product type.

The company adds: “As the protection of a warehouse or workshop usually requires a comprehensive approach we thought it would be better to bring all the info together in a general catalogue. This means you can gear the protection products for your warehouse to each other without having to leaf through multiple brochures. In short: 100 pages with everything you need to optimise the safety of your warehouse.”

In addition to product information the catalogue also offers a clear overview of all technical specifications of various types of crash protection. An extensive table makes it possible to compare product variations.

The clear infographics provide an insight into the science behind crash protection. Statistics illustrate which types of crash protection are suitable for which type of impact. In addition to absorption capacity, the intended purpose is also a key factor in selecting protection products.

The company adds: “Contrary to our earlier brochures, the look and feel of the catalogue breathes American Football. Meanwhile, the image of our American Football hero is inextricable bound with Boplan’s mission: offering powerful and smart protection against hazards on the shop floor.”