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Boughey makes 2 million euro logistics investment

06 January 2021

The 3PL has fitted out its 21,000 sq m Crewe warehouse.

The ambitious warehouse was built at a decisive moment during the crisis generated by the pandemic in the UK, with AR Racking charged with fitting out the innovative facility.

AR Racking has installed an Adjustable Pallet Racking system solution. The warehouse, which received double ‘A’ accreditation in the BRC Global Standard for Storage and Distribution, the highest grade attainable, has 35,500 pallet positions.

“The solution implemented adapts to Boughey Distribution’s wide range of products and unit loads. It will allow direct and immediate access to the goods, providing a competitive advantage for a company whose main activity requires maximum agility,” explains AR Racking key account manager in the UK Mike Smyth. 

The installation has a top beam height of 12.4m and a range of different weights and unit load sizes.

Boughey Distribution operations director Danny Earp adds: “Budget and timescales aside, this project was made all the more demanding as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Remarkably, the project was still delivered safely and to plan, and warehouse operations commenced on schedule. The most pleasing aspect of working with AR Racking was that all of the promises made to us during the tender stage were met, with fine quality, coordination, and consistency.” 

The total warehouse investment was around 2 million euros. 

For more information, visit www.ar-racking.com