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Campisa UK to launch key products at the show

06 September 2019

Campisa UK will be launching its loading bay and industrial door products at the International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX) at the NEC between the 24th and 27th September 2019.

Campisa Srl. has been established in mainland Europe for over 45 years and is a recognised supplier and installer of loading bay dock levellers and shelters, especially in the ‘Big Shed’ market.

One of the unique features of the Campisa product range that will be on exhibit will be the Fidelity drive system for Sectional Overhead doors. This hydraulic drive system does away with conventional springs, spring shafts and cable drums. The system can be fitted to new doors and/or existing doors. Because there are no springs to tension or replacing cables that come off cable drums, the drive provides a much safer method of installation and servicing of sectional doors.

Tensioning or replacing springs at high level is an inherently dangerous and costly operation, which is eliminated with the Fidelity drive system. The Fidelity system can also be incorporated to operate both a sectional door and dock leveller from one hydraulic power pack, again doing away with the potentially dangerous and hazardous process of working under a leveller and in an operational truck movement area. Stand 19H40