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Carton flow rack system

30 April 2021

FOOD DISTRIBUTION company Eroski is immersed in a logistics modernisation process and has built a refrigerated products logistics platform of 17,600 sq m in Júndiz, Spain which will replace the other two units it has in Bekolarra and Júndiz.

Eroski has commissioned AR Racking, leader in industrial storage systems, to fit out the new warehouse. Adjustable pallet racking has been installed resulting in 4,296 positions for europallets. It is a storage solution for the most common type of pallet racking, in which 124 levels have been added to store medium and light loads in cartons by means of carton flow rack systems. In carton flow rack systems, the goods slide on pulley rails with a slight incline arranged on different levels that make up the storage lanes.

“These new facilities will allow our perishable product to reach the end customer more efficiently and with a substantial improvement in its treatment.” explained Eroski platform general services manager Faustino Etxenagusia. He added that “the modernisation of our intralogistics will save us time and effort in the handling of goods, and increase safety for the entire team”. The warehouse will supply more than 300 Eroski stores in Álava, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa. 

Mikel Bilbao, northern region sales executive at AR Racking and project manager, said: “We have designed and installed a storage solution ideal for a warehouse that has unit loads with a wide variety of references, meaning that Eroski will be able to manage a daily operation of more than 400 tonnes of fresh products.”

You can see the project video here www.youtube.com/watch?v=jts8OMslaSY

For more information, visit www.ar-racking.com