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Check product labels as they are printed

09 September 2020

Print solutions specialist Toshiba Tec has launched ScanSure, a flexible verification-based validation solution for barcodes. Aimed at manufacturing companies, especially those in the food and beverage sectors, ScanSure checks product labels as they are being printed to ensure that the barcodes will scan perfectly every time.

Poor traceability, reduced efficiency and the risk of emergency product recalls are just some of the issues that can result from unreadable barcodes. In addition, defective barcode labels invariably need to be re-printed and replaced, which often causes disruption and delays, leading to increased costs. Toshiba Tec’s new ScanSure solution, which incorporates DataLogic intelligent 2D scanner technology, helps to solve these problems.

Developed for use with the Toshiba Tec B-EX range of 4 and 6-inch industrial printers, ScanSure offers users a choice of two operating modes. In Fast Mode, it uses rigorous checks based on ISO 15416 and ISO 15415 to ensure that the barcode on a printed label is accurate and perfectly readable to the specified ANSI grade. If it detects an unreadable barcode, due to poor print quality or a damaged label, it provides an immediate alert. In Void Mode, ScanSure carries out the same validation checks as in Fast Mode, but if it detects a faulty barcode, it automatically rewinds the label roll, scores out the defective label to prevent it being used, and re-prints a replacement.

Compact, versatile and ideally suited for use in industrial environments, ScanSure is extremely user-friendly. Focus and exposure setting are carried out using the Automatic Setup feature, then all that’s necessary is to use the Code Auto Learn to teach the scanner what it is looking for and to define the passing grade. Once ScanSure has been configured, the user can access a live image of the labels as they are printed. If multiple setups to suit different products are needed, they can simply be stored on the scanner and selected via the web interface with a single click.

For more information, visit www.toshibatec.co.uk