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Cloud-based warehouse middleware launches

15 October 2020

The solution is said to help 3PLs fulfill B2C orders on behalf of eCommerce retailers quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.

By adopting Utordo middleware, 3PLs can integrate their existing WMS with any internet retailer’s website or other popular trading platforms – such as Amazon and Ebay. This enables the retailer’s stock levels and orders to be synchronised in real time and ensures that all relevant information relating to each online order that the retailer receives is instantly exported to the 3PL’s warehouse management system without the need for any manual input – or keying-in - by the logistics company’s administration staff.

Sitting between the retailer’s website and any other marketplaces from which it sells its products and a 3PL’s WMS, Utordo converts and standardises order information and exports data relating to each order to the WMS using secure flat file, XMS or API formats.

This process allows a 3PL’s retailer client’s orders to appear on the host warehouse management system the instant an order is received and, in doing so, effectively upgrades an existing WMS to deliver the functionality needed to provide reliable and efficient order fulfillment capability.

Compatible with all well-known WMS brands, Utordo is said to be rapidly deployed thanks to its preconfigured connections and because it is cloud-hosted, all software installation procedures and regular updates are undertaken remotely.

The technology is offered as a SaaS package with a minimum 12-month contract agreement.

Utordo director Richard Davies said: “The logistics space is going through a period of rapid change and internet traders want to work with fulfillment companies that have systems in place that are capable of linking to their web-stores and any other online marketplaces where they are visible.

“Utordo gives 3PLs this ability without impacting upon their WMS’s core functionality or, indeed, interfering with a 3PL’s day-to-day operational processes. Utordo is entirely independent of the WMS and works alongside it to deliver a raft of complementary benefits. This is a key product differentiator because, quite understandably, 3PLs want to avoid the cost and disruption to the business that reconfiguring a WMS involves.”

For more information, visit www.utordo.com