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Cold storage for transport company

02 December 2020

AUTAA, a corporation specialised in industrial services for lifting and transporting heavy loads, transportation of production tools, stock management and storage, has had a new warehouse fitted with AR Racking storage systems.

The company has a 5,000 sq m warehouse at its base in France. The warehouse, mainly designed for cold storage, has been fitted with AR Racking storage solutions. This new warehouse will help improve AUTAA’s performance as a goods management and logistics warehousing specialist.

“Versatility defines us as a company, so we wanted a warehouse that would allow us to offer an even more complete service. AR Racking’s systems ensure we have immediate access to goods and high-density compact storage, while the logistics capacity has been strengthened qualitatively and quantitatively,” said AUTAA Group logistics manager Hervé Dupey.

The new warehouse has 4 areas, three of which for cold storage with a positive temperature (between 0 deg C and 10 deg C). AR Racking has installed adjustable pallet racking systems both in the dry area of zone 1 and in zone 3 designed for cold storage, resulting in 2,132 europallets (800 mm x 1200 mm) and 1,128 positions respectively. The two remaining zones, which are also cold stores, have been fitted with pallet shuttle solutions: each with a capacity for 1,736 and 1,128 industrial pallets. In total, around 6,100 new positions.

Areas with racking for the pallet shuttle have been designed for pallets of both 800 mm and 1000 mm deep, enabling two different types of loading management.

For more information, visit www.ar-racking.com