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Key collaboration on plastic pallets

16 June 2020

Plastic pallet producer CABKA and UK plastic pallet supplier Goplasticpallets.com, say their enduring partnership has been built on both growing business and passion for recycling.

Tim Litjens, CEO at CABKA says it all started from one small truck of pallets, but has increased to huge orders of more than 20K pallets.

Litjens sees the partnership as much more than just doing business, however. He said: “Contributing to the environment is in CABKA’s DNA. When plastic products become waste, we give them a second life. We design new products from the hardest to recycle waste, created with advanced analytics and techniques from our innovation centre in Valencia, Spain.”

CABKA, with 30 years in the industry, brings extensive expertise and innovative solutions in recycled pallets production, and a broad product portfolio; while Goplasticpallets.com brings its wide distribution network and broad customer base.

Jim Hardisty, managing director at Goplasticpallets.com said: “Our 14-year strong relationship continues to grow from strength to strength. CABKA’s diverse product range and technical knowledge in particular have been invaluable, both in upskilling our team and allowing us to stock the widest range of plastic pallets and pallet boxes available on the UK market.”