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Compact pallet truck

11 May 2021

JUNGHEINRICH HAS launched the ERD 220i electric pallet truck. 

The forklift has an L2 dimension of 1,065 mm and is therefore said to be the most compact truck in its class. Compared to its predecessor, the ERD 220i is more than 300mm shorter thanks to its new lithium-ion battery concept, which results in a space reduction of approximately 25%.

The compact dimensions make the electric pallet truck particularly versatile and agile to drive. Its turning radius has been reduced to 1,985 millimetres. This creates new free space in existing warehouses and enables precise manoeuvring even in confined spaces. It also allows for new concepts in future warehouse planning, says the firm. 

Instead of installing a large battery between the platform and forks as has been the case in the past, Jungheinrich has used two battery modules of 130 Ah in the ERD 220i that are accommodated within the truck chassis. The removal of the heavy battery tray offers significant benefits in the truck performance. By doing this, Jungheinrich has enhanced the weight distribution of the ERD 220i in favour of the driving parameters, which is evident in acceleration and enables driving speeds of up to 14 km/h. The space saved also makes it possible to offer the truck in two spacious platform versions without having to make any relevant sacrifices in compactness and agility. 

Jungheinrich is also launching a new battery-powered pallet truck on the market in the summer based on the truck platform of the ERD 220i. The ERE 225i is even more compact than the ERD 220i and suited for operations without stacking tasks. The compact version of the truck has an L2 dimension of 898mm, which results in a reduction of 270mm compared to its predecessor. By eliminating the lift mast and removing the previous battery tray, the driver of the ERE 225i is much closer to the forks, which improves the view of the goods and the forks.

For more information, visit www.jungheinrich.co.uk