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Compact self-propelled platform transporter

28 September 2020

The platform transporter from Hubtex has a new steering mechanism and is designed for use in confined spaces.

Providing a platform for heavy and large loads, the self-propelled platform transporter from Hubtex transports machine parts, steel beams, coils, sheet metal, castings and injection moulding tools. The SFB series has now been equipped with a new steering mechanism in the load capacity range up to 25t. The single wheel steering is supported by a differential drive on the rear axle. It is said to have a minimal turning radii and a more cost-effective compact design.

The steering principle was previously used in the RoxX electric heavy-duty compact forklift. It is now being gradually extended to platform transporters with different load-bearing capacity classes. 

In contrast to the standard steering mechanism using an axle and cylinder with a maximum steering angle of 45°, the single-axle steering used on the front axle allows a steering angle of up to 70°. As a result of this increased steering angle, the overall turning radius can be significantly reduced. This means that the platform transporter can also be used in production or storage areas with limited space where manoeuvring is impractical.

The company says: “The SFB 25 offers a cost-effective alternative to trucks with all-wheel steering in the load capacity range up to 25t. The reduced complexity of the single-axle steering also leads to a significant cost saving. Another positive aspect of the new steering mechanism is the minimal amount of space required in the truck, meaning the designs can be more compact than those for hydraulic steering mechanisms.”

The SFB 25 is 2,550mm long, 1,750mm wide and 900mm high and can be adapted to different customer requirements due to its modular design. With an 80-volt drive, the SFB 25 features the division of the battery into two trays which contributes towards the compact design. The flexibility to operate on both even and uneven ground is key, which is why Hubtex offers the platform truck with soft elastic tyres. As a result, the SFB 25 is not limited to indoor applications on super flat floors. It is said to transport materials safely and efficiently both inside and outside on uneven surfaces. The self-propelled transport vehicle is operated via cable or radio remote control. This enables the platform transporters to be integrated into automated processes, said to be crucial as Industry 4.0 continues to transform future production processes.

For more information, visit www.hubtex.com