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Continuous improvement is the ethos

28 April 2022

We will tap into the ethos of continuous improvement in automation and intralogistics at the Tomorrow’s Warehouse Conference.

We have GXO Logistics digital model realisation & continuous improvement leader, Alex Stinton, delivering a presentation on Creating the Digital Distribution Operation of the Future.

We recently spoke with Alex, who is responsible for ensuring the automation at Nestle’s massive UK Digital Distribution Warehouse of the Future at the East Midlands Gateway keeps delivering and improving efficiencies. GXO Logistics runs the facility in partnership with Nestle.

Alex explained: “The onus is on us to keep improving. We don’t want it to be state-of-the-art for 2020 and less so as the years move on.”

Alex continued: “We improve the automation, to make additions as well as carrying out process optimisation. The AI-driven camera system which we have been developing for the automated layer picking is one example of this, where we have been able to subsequently make better use of the time of our colleagues.”

On warehouse staff, Alex added: “The automation is helping to create more fulfilling roles, with different training and expectations, it’s less about physically demanding work and more about problem solving.

“We have a bit less pain in terms of the labour shortage, because we don’t have as many people leaving.”

Alex’s presentation will review the four pillars of the Digital Agenda at the heart of the Digital Distribution Operation of the Future project and how they inform GXO’s exploration of how the warehouse of the future might operate.

Don’t miss out, register free now at https://bit.ly/36nNbLO

Thank you to our Event Partner TGW Logistics Group and Registration Sponsor EPG Ehrhardt Partner Group (EPG) for sponsoring Tomorrow’s Warehouse.

Thank you to the UK Warehousing Association (UKWA) and the UK Material Handling Association (UKMHA) for supporting the event.