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Crown unveils advanced reach truck

03 October 2019

Crown Lift Trucks used IMHX to launch the innovative ESR 1000 Series reach truck, which features faster lifting and lowering, a touchscreen and a smart new operating system.

One of the key functions is the new Xpress Lower function, which allows operators to work with skill and precision at any height without compromising productivity. Xpress Lower technology doubles lowering speeds and increases pallet moves by up to 21%, resulting in substantial savings in time and money, combined with this is the proven Regen Lower feature, which feeds lowering energy back into the system.

With lift heights up to 13 metres and a load capacity up to 2 tons, the new reach trucks include a variety of innovations delivering unmatched robustness, ergonomics and operator comfort. They will also be available Lithium-Ion-ready.

The new ESR Series is the first featuring Crown’s GENA operating system, which will gradually replace the Access123 systems across Crown’s range. The system features a new colour touchscreen user interface which offers a new, more intuitive and customisable user experience. The touchscreen features 13 individually selectable and arrangeable widgets for all relevant forklift functions at a glance – just by swiping gestures as on a smartphone.

With integrated WiFi and Cellular connectivity, the new ESR also offers on-board InfoLink fleet management and increased service efficiency.

Key features

  • Lift Heights up to 13.65 metres 
  • Load capacities up to 2 tons 
  • Xpress Lower function doubles mast lowering speed, resulting in up to 21% more productivity (proven in a controlled cycle comparison test) 
  • Up to 11% energy saving with regenerative lowering and braking  
  • Real-time operating data collection through 17 sensors on the truck 
  • New forklift operating system, GENA 
  • Integrated InfoLink fleet management system can be activated if contracted
  • Operator can choose between 180° or 360° steering
  • Dynamic Coaching features real-time context-sensitive notifications and alerts
  • Patented OnTrac traction control for safe handling on wet or slippery floors