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Cubing and weighing for medical products distributor

01 May 2020

The CubiScan 100 integrated cubing and weighing system offered fast, accurate and comprehensive data to the supplier.

SPS is the world’s largest distributor of orthotics and prosthetics (O&P) products with more than 235,000 square feet of distribution space across five U.S. distribution centres.

The company stocks over 327,000 products and ships within 1-2 days to 98% of its nationwide customers. 

The CubiScan 100 integrated cubing and weighing system is designed to deliver total control in any distribution centre.

From storage location selection and order picking to carton selection and shipment planning, it offers fast, accurate and comprehensive data, along with the unprecedented ability to remove human error and protect data integrity from the equation.

In addition to the cubing system's powerful potential when it comes to distribution, the CubiScan is also a valuable manifesting tool. Tested and certified as a type-approved, legal-for-trade cubing and weighing device, the CubiScan 100 offers access to foolproof dimensional-based shipping charges, while allowing carriers to easily audit incoming freight. This innovative device also offers improved safety for both operators and package contents thanks to sensing technology.

The CubiScan is engineered to interface with WMS software for easy and immediate information transfer to the designated data processing system. A modular design enables user friendly setup and maintenance, while an integrated digital display and control panel allows fingertip control.

Sophisticated software delivers numerical dimensions and weight via an instantaneous three-dimensional graphic representation. Hundreds of users all over the country rely on the CubiScan 100 to optimise the use of their space, improve efficiency and generate increased revenue.

Prior to integrating the CubiScan 100 from Quantronix into its dimensioning processes, SPS did not have access to an optimised method for weighing and measuring. This resulted in wasted time, human error and compromised data integrity. The CubiScan cubing system eliminates these issues and yields data that is safe, streamlined and reliable.