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DHL Parcel splashes nearly £7m on new trucks and trailers

23 May 2019

DHL Parcel is investing £6.7m in an upgrade to its fleet of trucks and trailers to gain additional handling capacity to support future growth.

The investment includes 45 Volvo Tractor Units, 24 Volvo Rigid trucks and 29 Don-Bur double deck trailers.

The moves follows investment in the company’s national hub and several network sites. The double deck trailers from manufacturer, Don-Bur, offer twice the capacity of traditional trailers.

In addition to greater cubic capacity, the Don-Bur Lifting Decks are also fitted with “EcoStream” aerodynamic front curved roof sections which have been reported to save up to 16% in fuel compared to standard flat roofs.

The new vehicles from Volvo come fitted with auto braking, Lane Keeping Support, Lane Changing Support and driver Alert Support, which tracks driver behaviour.

Volvo’s rigid chassis, which will largely operate in urban areas, were selected for their additional lower passenger door glazing panels and a second side window behind the passenger door, which gives better visibility of pedestrians and cyclists.