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Great IMHX and Design4Safety Award for ELOKON

21 October 2019

2nd major UK Award for safety system.

Safety and assistance systems developer and supplier ELOKON has proved once again that quality made in Germany is a winner in the UK. The company’s VNA safety system ELOprotect beat a strong line of contenders to win the Industrial Vehicles & Ancillary Products category at this year’s BITA Design4Safety Awards which took place during IMHX. 

Along with all other ELOKON products, ELOprotect is designed to ensure the highest levels of accident prevention in the warehouse when industrial vehicles are working in proximity to the human workforce. This laser-based system monitors danger zones around forklifts and is automatically activated when a truck enters the narrow aisle. If it detects persons, other forklifts or obstacles it emits visual and acoustic warnings to pedestrians and drivers and automatically brings the vehicle to a standstill.

Alexander Glasmacher, ELOKON MD, commented: “We are delighted with this latest award for ELOprotect, which confirms our major contribution and commitment to increased warehouse safety. Recognition from major bodies such as BITA and the FLTA - which chose ELOprotect as its Safety winner in 2018 – mean a great deal for us as well as our customers.”

The award was a highlight of ELOKON’s IMHX participation, and the show itself was a resounding success for the team, who are now following up the many requests for more detailed information and demos. As well as ELOprotect, the company also showed its ELOshield proximity detection system and the ELOfleet4 smart fleet management system which increases productivity in the warehouse. Watch a short IMHX “look back” video here: https://youtu.be/szogE7_yxZw

ELOKON will also be exhibiting at this year’s FLTA National Forklift Safety Convention in Coventry on October 30.