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Double deck trailers allows Hermes to slash mileage

08 August 2019

Hermes has bought 32 double decker trailers, which it says will allow it to reduce the number of miles its drivers travel by up to 1.5 million a year.

The new trailers - tailored to Hermes’ exact requirements by Don-Bur - hold 33% more than a standard model and 12% more than the existing double decker trailers used by the company to transport parcels on behalf of 80% of the UK’s leading retailers and etailers.

The bespoke design incorporates an aluminium roof with LED lighting instead of a traditional plastic top panel, which can typically crack, whilst also leading to higher internal temperatures. Instead of being formed of plywood and thin plastic, which can be easily punctured, the new side panels are constructed from a high-density polythene (HDPE) foam core, a hot dipped galvanisation steel skin, and polyester baked paint. Hermes has opted for this specification in order to guarantee the safe and secure transportation of parcels, while ensuring the durable panels maintain a fresh and new look for longer.

The trailers will be operating out of Hermes’ fully-automated hubs in Warrington and Rugby, while they have also been designed to be ferry-safe, which means they don’t need to have a tractor unit attached to them on a ferry for stability.